The groundswell method

At the foundation of Groundswell is a peace/community resilience building methodology developed by Hadiya and her colleagues through 20+ years of frontline experience in countering violent extremism and the understanding of how to challenge hate using her unique insights as a former member of an extremist political organisation.  

The fundamental approach is very simple and relies on 3 core pillars:



When entering a community we quickly map and understand pre existing peace/bridge building initiatives and analyse what the extremism picture looks like using advanced hate mapper technology. This allows us to gain a deep contextual understanding of the communities unique problems and opportunities.


Building a network of positive actors allows us to galvanise a diverse coalition to begin working together to find new ways to maximise impact. This can be connecting activists with each other or helping them engage with public or private sector.

We then help design and facilitate peace building events by connecting isolated communities with fun and engaging neighbourhood activities.


To Amplify the impact we then provide marketing through our national and local network leveraging: local national news outlets, and social media platforms. By gathering and amplifying positive events online we provide a united presence in defiance of a media landscape full of hate.