What is it?

Groundswell at its core is an online platform spotlighting work being carried out on a grass root level around the country. It is a one-stop-shop for information on peace activities; providing tools and services to organise, share ideas and get advice. A place for real news from the community. Within the platform Groundswell will have two core utilities to help communities showcase and improve their work.

Peace Associates

These will be larger organisations and associates: BLM, MeToo, LGBT, groups against anti-semitism and Islamophobia. Bringing distinct but complementary voices together to promote an intersectional coalition of groups to further amplify the voices of positivity. These groups will also be there to help create the more official toolkits. Click here to see our prototype network, have an opinion? Let us know!

Peace toolkits

Support, guide, and encourage leaders and community groups to actively become involved and build new initiatives that bring people together. Conversation is key and there is minimal discourse within society which has helped misconceptions and prejudice grow. The way to address these problems is to facilitate conversations between people who do not normally mix. This can be encouraged through the avenue of interfaith, inter-communal relationships or through a Groundswell change champion.